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K.G. McAbee
Writer. Reader. Dog lover.

But what do you write, I hear you ask? Well...Science Fiction...Fantasy...Steampunk...Horror...Mystery...

Young Adult...Pulp...Adventure...Suspense

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Some of my books,

collaborations with other writers and anthologies with my short stories. 

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Yes, I do write in lots of genres, don't I? I figure, if I enjoy reading science fiction/fantasy/horror/mystery et al, then I'll enjoy writing it as well.
Write what you know...and if you read in a certain genre, you're getting to know it. 

I'm a South Carolina girl who loves to read and write. I've done a lot of things to put bread and iced tea on the table: a maintenance technician in a silicon wafer factory, an English and algebra tutor, an editor for a small press, but reading to me has always been just slightly less important than breathing.  That made the transition to writing almost a given. Writing is fun, it's exciting, and I've made a lot of writer friends over the years. Hi, guys; you know who you are....and so should everyone else:

Jon Kirsch

L. Joseph Shosty

J.A. Johnson

Tom Johnson

R.L. Spencer

Richard C. Meehan

Steven Gentry

Writers: we're just the coolest people ever. 

I live in a 200-year-old haunted log cabin with a gorgeous husband and two spoiled dogs. Dogs are the absolute best, aren't they?

A lot of my short fiction is available at Smashwords. Below are some of the covers; please visit my
Smashwords Author Page for more info.
worm hook
time essence
souls rates
queen liz
poppy mandragora
ray right
monarch seas
morose magician
jewels false god
me bank
down dead
diamond glass
currents doom
double double
castaway dark
band pirates
beauty beast
bewitched darkness



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